हिंदी मूवी बाबू (1985)

Watch Hindi Indian family drama movie Babu released in 1985
Starring : Rajesh Khanna
Hema Malini
Rati Agnihotri
Madan Puri
Directed by A. C. Tirulokchandar
Music by Rajesh Roshan

Babu(Rajesh Khanna) is a young man who works as a rickshaw puller and he has fallen in love with Kammo(Hema Malini). His only true friend is Shambu Nath(Madan Puri). One day he helps Shankerlal(Navin Nischol )and his family and in return, Shankerlal invites him to his house. Instantly the whole family including Shankerlal’s wife and Pinky(Rati Agnihotri) both begin to shower love on Babu. Babu having led a tough childhood feels very ecstatic and feels grateful to Shankerlal on having provided him food, clothes and more importantly respect given to him. Meanwhile, a goon in the village rapes Kammo and Babu kills him and thereby lands in jail. After his release he finds Pinky begging in the streets and then he gets shocked as to how a rich girl has been forced to beg. realizes that now Pinky’s mother is a widow. His sole aim now becomes to help this widow and her child. He gives up his personal life, drives a hand-drawn rickshaw, saves some money, so that he can buy provisions for them, as well as send the child, Pinky, to a decent school. Pinky then grows up and later starts disliking Babu. The rest of the story is how Pinky realizes her folly later on, how Pinky’s mother feels indebted to Babu for having helped them in return for one night’s shower of affection on Babu by Shankerlal.



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