सीरियल : माँ शक्ति (2002)

Indrani Haldar, Hema Malini

Series Produced and Directed by
B.R. Chopra
Ravi Chopra

Watch Full Episode of serial Maa Shakti .

Take a look at the depiction of Maa Shakti who is known as the divine force in Hinduism. She is considered the source of power and creation and can transform herself into various forms.
Maa Sakthi reveals the story of the evil destroyer goddess who seems to fight with demon Mahishasura, who highlights himself as most immortal and strongest. In his pride and rage, he practically damaged the earth as well as thrown away the gods out of world. The strong battle between Goddess Durga to protect the earth from Demon Mahishasura creates the main crux of story. This this evil versus good narrative, the channel focuses to highlight the part of mythology which is left unsaid in our ancient history.

After the evolution of Gods and evil, now comes the turn of human but the question is Where is the human is going to live?



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