Priya, Imli, Uttara and Devyani serve Aditya breafast when Bramhanand enters. Aditya is still angry with his father, and gets up to leave, when Devyani stops him. Uttara breaks the awkward silence by asking Vidya to serve breakfast for Bramhanand. Aditya gets up, but Brahmanand stops him.But Aditya walks out of the house and drives away. Imli tells Vidya that Gaurav knows about Vidya’s presence in the restaurant. She thinks about another plan to trap him. Devyani tells Brahmanand that due to their fight, Aditya has decided to quit politics. Brahmananda is surprised and tells her that he will never let that happen.



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  • Deepthi. B 2 years ago

    Plz i want to watch all the episodes of maryada lekin kab tak?