Uttara blackmails Dhirendra, saying that she wants him to get Sushant and Vasudha married or else she’ll reveal the truth about Shalini. Dhirendra talks to Sinha about this. Dhirendra agrees to get the two married. Dhairya returns home, getting expensive gifts for Vasudha, which make Vedant feel bad about the gifts he bought.
Virrudh is a story of Vasudha Raisinghania, a cheerful, loving and intelligent girl who is the doting daughter of Dhirendra Raisinghania a powerful, manipulative, media baron who runs a newspaper called Dainik Darpan. Vasudha soon discovers her fathers manipulative ways but remains loyal to him despite the revelations and takes care of not only his professional interests but also his personal well being. But complications arise when Vasudha, despite being in love, cannot openly pursue a relationship with Sushant, who is a Chief Crime Reporter in Dainik Darpan, since her father disapproves of the relationship. How long can Vasudha keep up this delicate, balancing act between her love life, her professional responsibilities and her moral duties? What happens when a dutiful daughter discovers the truth about her own father? Will she undo the injustice done by her father or will she imbibe the very attributes she hated in her father in a bid to survive the world of politics and business? Can the inheritance of hate and betrayal destroy the values of a sensitive, young girl like Vasudha? Morals, duties and love form a metaphorical minefield as Vasudha carefully tries to walk the fine line.



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